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Hi, Nicole and Erin here! We are a wife n wife photography dream team! As artists, we honestly love getting to know you and adapting to the style of each couple. Our goal is to capture what makes you as a couple unique and stunning honey! 

You will most definitely see Erin hiding her tears during speech time, and maybe even drop a few during the ceremony while Nicole glances over at her, thinking "wow, everytime, huh?"


But for real, we pride ourselves in being able to take the dingiest nook and translate that into a badass image. We’re also really good at finding the absolute best spot in the most amazing location. So double whammy! Nervous about getting your picture taken like a model all day? Well our number one feedback from weddings (besides “omg your photos are amazzinng”) is “You guys made us feel so comfortable all day”. We are basically your distant shadow following you around, taking candids, posing you when necessary, and calming you down during your mini panic attacks. Anyhow your wedding is a day you should and for sure will enjoy knowing that we’ve got your back!

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